FootReviver™ orthotic arch support for flat feet or high arches

FootReviver™ orthotic arch support for flat feet or high arches

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  • 1x pair of Arch support insoles are recommended for those with either flat feet or high arches who suffer from foot pain
  • Inbuilt arch support makes sure to takes strain and pressure off your feet by supporting and realigning your feet in a natural position as well as correct overpronation and supination during the gait cycle to take strain and pressure off your feet and reduce risk of injury
  • Proven to help a range of foot related injuries and problems including ball of foot pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and lower back pain
  • Features a solid heel cup shell holds your heel and ankle in place and prevents harmful twisting motions
  • Made using the very best lightweight and durable materials that will absorb shock and provide better protection to your lower limbs
  • Perfect for fitting inside running and sport shoes
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4 reviews for FootReviver™ orthotic arch support for flat feet or high arches

  1. Emily

    I love these insoles! They will take your feet a little while to get used to the arch support but once they do there is no going back 🙂 I wear them all the time when I go running and since I started wearing them in my running shoes I no longer get any foot aches or pains after a good run..

  2. Stevie

    These are great for running in because they have really good arch support to stop your from overstretching and injuring your feet, plus they are really lightweight and have breathable holes to stop your feet from getting too sweaty.

  3. Malc

    I wouldn’t wear anything other than these in my shoes now when I go running!

  4. Bill

    Since I started wearing these iv had no foot pain or aches at all which is really saying something considering I have super flat feet and like to run a lot! They give plenty of support where my flat feet need it the most and unlike other insoles they are really light weight and don’t weight down my shoes.

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