Foot Rollers & Massagers

  • Foot Massage Roller

    • 1x Foot Massage roller designed to massage and ease your feet and lower legs, help loosen tight muscles, soothe aches and pains and stimulate blood flow and the nerves in your feet
    • Simple and easy to use – Simply place on a flat surface and roll your foot gently across the roller
    • Helps ease Plantar Fasciitis pain in the mornings by releasing tension and loosening the Plantar fascia ligament
    • Features specially designed reflexology nodes that helps to stimulate blood flow to your feet reduce inflammation and swelling and promote healing of damaged tissue
    • Ideal for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), Achilles tendonitis, Neuropathy, Diabetes, Muscles Spasms & Cramps, Shin splints or simply tired aching feet
    • Can be used to help warm up the muscles in your feet and lower legs before exercise to prevent injury from pulling or overstretching your muscles
    • Includes a full 30 day money back guarantee!

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