FootReviver™ Sport insoles for over-pronation - FootReviver Insoles - Based in the UK
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FootReviver™ Sport insoles for over-pronation

FootReviver™ Sport insoles for over-pronation

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Over-pronation is one of the most common causes of over use injuries such as plantar fascitiis in athletes. Correcting your pronation couldn’t be simpler by wearing a pair of these specially designed sport insoles.

Product Summary

  • 1x pair FootReviver sports insoles
  • Designed with in built arch support that will correct your pronation and the bio-mechanics of your feet when you walk to reduce risk of foot injury and pain
  • Made from shock resistant EVA material to help better protect you from shock damage when running
  • Perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and suffer from heel and foot pain
  • Breathable design to keep your feet sweat and bacteria free.
  • Ideal for people with high arches and flat feet
  • Can be fitted inside any type of shoes quickly and easily.

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Reviews (1)

1 review for FootReviver™ Sport insoles for over-pronation

  1. Mathew

    I wear these and they are so good. My running shoes used to be really uncomfortable and I would get foot aches and pains all the time but now with these inside my shoes I have no problems at all and my shoes are so comfortable.

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