FootReviver™ motion control insoles


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These insoles have been made to help relieve tension and pressure off your feet. They can be worn to help both treat and prevent a a number of different foot injuries by correcting common underlining functional imbalances that can contribute to excessive strain and pressure on your feet.

  • 1x FootReviver insoles designed specially to help soothe heel pain and keep you on your feet
  • Over pronation is one of the leading causes of heel pain, that is why these insoles have been developed to train your feet to pronate properly when you walk
  • Inbuilt arch support system reduces pressure and strain off your arches when you walk
  • Ideal for treating a wide number of injuries by treating underlining bio-mechanical imbalances
  • Long lasting and made from the very best shock absorbing materials
  • Includes metatarsal pad to relieve ball of foot pain and protect your metatarsal bones
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FootReviver™ motion control insoles