FootReviver™ running style insoles

FootReviver™ running style insoles

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Sick and tired of your feet hurting after you have been running? Wearing pair of these Footreviver running insoles could help!

  • 1x pair of running insoles specially designed to support and protect your feet from the pressures of running
  • Arch support helps to prevent common overuse running injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis
  • Made from high quality shock absorbent materials that will help to stop shock causing damage to your feet and lower limbs
  • Keeps your feet in the correct position and prevents common bio-mechanical imbalances associated with injury
  • Comes with full 30 day money back guarantee for customer peace of mind

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1 review for FootReviver™ running style insoles

  1. Peter

    I have flat feet which means even the slightest thing can inflame them and make them really painful. After shopping around I finally settled with these insoles and I am really glad I did. I like these insoles a lot 🙂 They stop shock from hurting my feet when I run no matter how harder the surface that I am running on, plus the arch support is really good and supports my flat feet really well! Now I can finally focus on running rather than worrying about getting foot pain 🙂

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