FootReviver™ Pro Sport insoles

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Protect your feet from shock and pressure whilst playing sports with a pair of these FootReviver insoles today!

  • 1x sport insoles designed specially for athletes and runners suffering from plantar fasciitis
  • Inbuilt arch support to help treat the main causes of plantar fasciiits
  • Heel cup and heel pad designed to help relieve tension and ease heel pain
  • Breathable design helps to ensure air is properly circulated around your feet keeping them feeling dry and fresh
  • Ideal for people with flat or high arches feet
  • Compact and light weight design means they wont bulk up or weigh down your sport shoes
  • Can be fitted inside any type of shoes quickly and easily.

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1 review for FootReviver™ Pro Sport insoles

  1. Elly

    I got a pair of these and really like them. but had to return the first pair I got because I bought the smaller size which were way too small even for my small feet.. eventually I got the right size. They support my feet excellently and had no problems with my feet since wearing them.

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