FootReviver™ Flat Feet Insoles

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Running can cause a tremendous amount of pressure and shock on your feet and lower limbs. If you run without a proper technique or do not have adequate support inside your running shoes this shock and pressure can cause damage to not only your feet but you entire skeletal system resulting injuries such as Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runners knee as well as hip and lower back pain.

Footreviver running insoles have been designed to help better support and protect your feet and lower limbs from damaging pressure and shock. With inbuilt arch support our insoles will work with the bio-mechanics of your feet helping to restore balance and realign and position your feet in the most comfortable and natural position possible.This will help to keep strain and pressure off key areas of your feet and help you to run pain free!

  • 1x pair of insoles designed for runners with flat feet in mind!
  • Orthotic arch support keeps your feet positioned correctly and eliminates pressure and strain off your arches
  • Prevents the main causes of plantar fasciitis by correcting the way your feet function
  • Streamlined and light weight design means these insoles can be fitted ease into just about any type of shoes
  • Designed to absorb shock to prevent and treat injuries caused by shock such as shin splints and knee tendinitis
  • Ideal for wearing whilst running or playing sports for better protection against injury
  • Our 30 day money back guarantee means that you are never left feeling out of pocket when you buy a pair. If the insoles fail to ease your foot pain or are simply not what you were looking for then you can send them to us within 30 days of receiving them and we promise to give you a full refund including all postage costs.
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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for FootReviver™ Flat Feet Insoles

  1. Danny

    They have really helped with soothing the pains I was having with my feet and made my shoes feel so much more comfortable as well.. would definitely recommend trying these!

  2. Carl

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a decent pair of insoles to support my flat feet and finally found some! These are just the best.. as unlike other insoles makes these don’t over support or under support your feet they get the balance just right. They have really helped to reduce pressure on my arches and now I hardly get any aches or pains no matter if i am on my feet for ages. Love em!

  3. Mike

    Bought a pair to stop my flat feet from hurting… bit slow delivery but worth the wait and have stopped my feet from aching.

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