Plantar fasciitis is a very a common foot injury that affects one in ten people and is caused when the arch supporting ligament called the plantar fascia becomes damage and inflamed as a result of overuse or overstretching. Here you will find a range of different insoles for plantar fasciitis that have been specially engineered to treat and prevent common underlining causes of this foot injury. Footreviver insoles have use orthotic compression technology to support your feet in a natural position that places the least amount of strain and pressure on your foot. Not only that but they will also help to correct the way your feet function preventing common bio-mechanical imbalances that can cause damage to your feet such as over-pronation and supination from occurring. We are so confident that our FootRevivier insoles will help you that we provide all of our insoles with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This means if they fail to help your plantar fasciitis and find that they aren’t right for you can send them back within 30 day of purchase to get a full refund including all postage costs.